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Active Award 1 

Water Discovery

To achieve this award you must be able to:

1. Enter and exit the water safely and confidently.

2. Front float and recover to a secure position.

3. Back float and recover to a secure position.

4. Blow bubbles in water with face fully submerged and turn head to side, repeat action.

5. Front glide and kick for 3 metres unassisted (torpedo).

6. Back kick using kickboard for 5 metres.

7. Swim for a distance of 3 metres using an underwater arm action while kicking.

8. Float with a flotation aid for 30 seconds.

9. Submerge in waist depth water, open eyes and blow bubbles.

10. Demonstrate lock hands, lock head and steer up position in water.

11. Be pulled to safety by grasping a rescue aid.

12. Answer questions about dangers in the aquatic environment.


#3 Listen to Lifeguards: Lifeguards help to keep everyone safe. Listen to their safety rules to enjoy the water.

#4 Call for Help: If you or someone else is in trouble, remain calm and immediately shout out "HELP!"

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