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Active Award 2 

Water Awareness

To achieve this award you must be able to:

1. Perform a slide in entry and exit using the edge.

2. Float on the front and back in deep water with instructor assistance.

3. Demonstrate treading water arm sculling action, supporting the body in an upright position.

4. Demonstrate treading water leg action using flotation aid for support.

5. Swim 10 metres freestyle with basic side breathing.

6. Swim 10 metres backstroke with correct body position.

7. Demonstrate 5 metres survival backstroke kick.

8. Demonstrate breaststroke kick on the side of the pool.

9. Demonstrate the following continuous sequence: 
    a) Survival sculling for 30 seconds 
    b) Floating for 1 minute, holding a flotation aid and then kick to safety.

10. Submerge and recover an object from water of chest depth.

11. Demonstrate a sitting dive (may be assisted).

12. Be pulled through the water with a rope for 5 metres to safety.

13. Answer questions about dangers in the aquatic environment.


#7 Obey the Rules: Always read and obey the rules when going swimming. Rules keep you safe and let u have fun.

#8 Be Aware: Be aware of slippery surfaces as it is easy to accidentally fall into the water.





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