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Active Award 3 

Water Sense

To achieve this award you must be able to:

1. Perform a step in entry.

2. Scull head first on the back in a streamlined body position.

3. Swim 25 metres freestyle using correct technique.

4. Swim 25 metres backstroke using correct technique.

5. Swim 15 metres survival backstroke using correct technique.

6. Demonstrate 10 metres breaststroke kick (symmetrical action).

7. Demonstrate the following continuous sequence: 
    a) Survival sculling or treading water for 1 minute 
    b) Swim for 1 minute, holding a flotation aid.

8. Surface dive, swim underwater and recover an object from water of chest depth.

9. Demonstrate a kneeling dive.

10. Using a rigid aid pull a partner to safety.

11. Answer questions about dangers in the aquatic environment.

Demonstrate introductory dolphin kick for a distance of 5 metres.


#11 Pool Rules: Don't push people into the pool or fool around near the water.

#12 Keep Fit: Swimming is a healthy, fun activity for everyone and is an excellent form of exercise.

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