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Active Award 4 

Water Wise

To achieve this award you must be able to:

1. Safely perform a compact jump and exit from deep water.

2. Demonstrate feet first sculling on the back.

3. Demonstrate rotation of the tucked body, keeping the face above the surface of the water.

4. Swim 50 metres freestyle with correct technique.

5. Swim 50 metres backstroke with correct technique.

6. Swim 25 metres survival backstroke with correct technique.

7. Swim 15 metres breaststroke with correct technique.

8. Demonstrate 10 metres sidestroke with scissor kick.

9. Dressed in swimwear, shorts and t-shirt, demonstrate the following sequence: 
    a) Sculling, floating or treading water for 2 minutes 
    b) Swim slowly for 3 minutes, changing survival strokes after each minute.

10. Float for 1 minute using an open-ended flotation aid.

11. Surface dive, swim underwater and recover an object from water depth equivalent to the candidate's height.

12. Demonstrate a crouch dive.

13. Throw a rescue flotation aid to a partner at 5 metres distance and instruct the partner to kick to the edge.

14. Answer questions about dangers in the aquatic environment.

Demonstrate introductory butterfly arm action for a distance of 5 metres.


#13 Get Wet & Wise: Learn the Aquacode - Go Together, Stay Afloat and Wave, Reach to Rescue.

#14 Water Safety Rules: Building survival and lifesaving skills are just as important as being a strong swimmer.

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