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Active Award 5 

Junior Swim and Survive

To achieve this award you must be able to:

1. Safely perform a fall in entry and exit from deep water.

2. Demonstrate a forward somersault in the water.

3. Demonstrate the eggbeater kick. Arms or a kickboard may be used for support.

4. Swim 100 metres continuously using correct stroke techniques: 
    a) 25 metres freestyle 
    b) 25 metres survival backstroke or sidestroke 
    c) 25 metres backstroke and 
    d) 25 metres breaststroke.

5. Dressed in swimwear, long pants and long- sleeved shirt, perform the following continuous sequence: 
    a) Survival sculling, floating or treading water for 4 minutes 
    b) Perform a feet first surface dive and swim underwater for a short distance 
    c) Swim slowly for 6 minutes using three survival strokes, changing strokes after each minute. Clothing may be removed.

6. Correctly fit a PFD, enter the water using a compact jump, float for 30 seconds and then climb out of deep water.

7. Demonstrate a shallow dive.

8. Perform a reach rescue using a rope, towel or item of clothing.

9. Answer questions about dangers in the aquatic environment.

Swim butterfly for 10 metres demonstrating a recognisable stroke and attempt correct breathing technique.


#15 Throw a Float: Throw a flotation aid and reassure the person in trouble. Never enter the water.

#16 Fish with a Friend: Always fish with a friend and never turn your back away from the ocean.




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