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Active Award 6 

Swim and Survive

To achieve this award you must be able to:

1. Perform a stride entry.

2. Demonstrate a backward somersault in the water.

3. Demonstrate eggbeater kick with sculling.

4. Swim 200 metres continuously using correct stroke techniques: 
    a. 50 metres survival backstroke or sidestroke 
    b. 50 metres backstroke 
    c. 50 metres breaststroke and 
    d. 50 metres freestyle.

5. Dressed in swimwear, long pants, long-sleeved shirt and jumper, perform the following continuous sequence: 
    a. Enter deep water using a feet first entry 
    b. Submerge feet first, swim underwater on back looking up at the surface 
    c. Swim 50 metres quickly as if escaping from a dangerous situation and then swim 50 metres slowly 
    d. Float using a buoyant aid for 1 minute 
    e. Swim slowly demonstrating survival strokes for 6 minutes 
    f. Scull, float or tread water for 3 minutes waving for help intermittently. Remove clothing in deep water.

6. Correctly fit a PFD while treading water and then swim 25 metres using survival strokes. Climb out of the water.

7. Perform a throw rescue using an unweighted rope over a distance of 6 metres.

8. Answer questions on water safety and personal survival techniques.

Swim butterfly for 15 metres using an efficient stroke and correct breathing technique.


#17 Dive Safely: diving can be a tricky skill to master. Always check the water depth and make sure it’s clear before diving.

#18 Be River Safe: Beware of strong currents. If caught in a river current, float feet first with the current.

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