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Active Award D2 

Discovering Water Awareness

To achieve this award you must be able to:

1. Perform a slide in entry and exit the water using the edge. May be assisted.

2. Move from a back float to a front float and to a back float again.

3. Demonstrate treading water arm sculling action while standing.

4. Demonstrate breathing to the side in a horizontal position, repeat action (kickboard optional).

5. Swim 5 metres freestyle with no coordinated breathing.

6. Swim 5 metres backstroke with ears in the water.

7. Move through the water for 30 seconds while holding a flotation aid and kick to safety.

8. Swim through a submerged obstacle.


#5 Stay Afloat and Wave: If you are in trouble in the water, float on your back, remain calm and wave your arm to attract attention.

#6 Be Sunsmart: Wear a hat and sunscreen when in the water and avoid long periods in the sun.

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