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Active Award D3 

Developing Water Sense

To achieve this award you must be able to:

1. Perform a slide in entry in deep water and exit from deep water.

2. Float on the front and back in deep water without instructor assistance.

3. Scull head first on the back.

4. Swim 15 metres freestyle with coordinated side breathing.

5. Swim 15 metres backstroke with continuous arm action.

6. Swim 10 metres survival backstroke with under water arm recovery.

7. Demonstrate 5 metres breaststroke kick.

8. Tread water in a vertical position keeping head above water for 30 seconds.

9. Surface dive and recover an object from water of chest depth.


#9 Reach to Rescue: Lie down and reach out with a branch or pole to rescue. Never enter the water.

#10 Look Before you Leap: Think before you enter the water and never jump or dive into shallow water.




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