Learning how to be safe in, on, or around the water is an invaluable skill
to have.

You never know when you might need to use your lifesaving skills to help
a friend or family member.

It's about being water smart and having the skills, knowledge and
understanding to make sound judgements in an emergency, without
putting yourself in danger.


Swim and Survive Aqua Quiz! 

Test your water safety knowledge with Lochie the Lifeguard, by downloading the Swim and Survive Aqua Quiz.

There are a wide range of activities to suit children of all ages, including dot to dot, unscramble the words and crossword puzzles!

Simply CLICK on the link below to download the Aqua Quiz onto your computer. Once you have done that, you can print the booklet and start working through the water safety activities.

When you are finished, don't forget to complete your Certificate at the back of the booklet and share your achievements with your Parent or Carer, Classroom Teacher or Swim and Survive Instructor.

Share the link to the Quiz with your friends to help Royal Life Saving teach more children just like you, how to Be Water Smart!

Everyone can be a lifesaver - that includes you!

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