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Getting Involved

Learning to be water smart is a family affair and sharing your child’s water safety journey is beneficial for their development. Learning how to be safe when in, on, or around the water is integral to their understanding and getting involved is as simple as Enrol, Engage and Encourage


The importance of swimming and water safety education has never been more pressing. Parents and carers are encouraged to enrol their children into a swimming program that teaches essential skills in swimming, personal survival and basic rescue. However, it is important to be mindful that swimming lessons alone will not make your child safe.

    To find a Swim and Survive Partner in your local area, please visit our Swim School Locator.

Engage your family in a range of swimming and water safety activities that enable you to explore the water together. Provide opportunities for safe water play in various aquatic environments, including the bathtub, your local creek or stream or in your backyard pool.

    Helpful Hints to Stay Engaged: 
    • Family friendly events are regularly advertised in community newspapers and noticeboards 
    • Keep informed about water safety by subscribing to our quarterly Swim and Survive Newsletter 
    • Check out the Swim and Survive ‘Whats On’ section to find a family-fun water safety event in your local area

Reinforce safe water practices by setting boundaries and rules to help your child to understand the dangers of water as they experience new aquatic environments. Provide opportunities for safe exploratory play and encourage your child to learn more about water safety by visiting the Swim and Survive Kids Zone.

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