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Lifesaving in Schools

Lifesaving is at the core of Royal Life Saving’s history and as one of Australia’s key water safety educators; millions of school children have completed lifesaving awards or water safety education programs. In fact during the pre- and post-Second World War era, the Bronze Medallion became included in many secondary school physical education programs.

The lifesaving award scheme has several strands, each with a sequential flow, with awards that can be gained progressively as they move through the school years. The lifesaving awards focus on teaching an understanding of the lifesaving principles embodied in the four components of water rescue education: judgement, knowledge, skills and fitness.

Lifesaving skills learnt and developed through the program are highly regarded in the community and may even lead to or enhance the chances of starting a career.

There are six main awards within the Rescue and Bronze strands that build on the skills and knowledge learnt in the Swim and Survive program:

  • Dry Rescue
  • Wade Rescue
  • Accompanied Rescue
  • Bronze Star
  • Bronze Medallion
  • Bronze Cross    

Click here to download a copy of the Royal Life Saving Award Scheme [Reference: Swimming and Lifesaving 6th Edition]

There are a number of resources to support the delivery of our Lifesaving programs that are available to schools to purchase. Contact Royal Life Saving in your State or Territory for more information on how you can implement a lifesaving program at your school.

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