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Promotional Resources

Royal Life Saving has developed a suite of marketing and promotional items to support our valued Swim and Survive Partners. With a range of ideas to choose from, there is something to suit every swim school. 

Ready...Set Brochures 

The DL brochure is ideal for parents and carers who are interested in finding out more about Swim and Survive and the Program Pathway.


Presentation Folder

Professionally promote Swim and Survive to prospective customers including local schools and community groups. You can create a comprehensive Information Kit about the program containing a DL brochure, customer testimonials and some information about your facility.


Pull-Up Banners and L-Flags

Enhance the presence of the Swim and Survive program in your facility with a pull-up banner. With three vibrant designs to choose from, there is one to suit every facility.


Partner Sticker and Certificate

Displaying your Partner Sticker and Certificate at reception, indicates that your facility has met the standards required to deliver Swim and Survive at your facility.

Instructor Rash Vests

Made from high quality, chlorine resistant material, Swim and Survive Instructor Rash Vests provide sunsmart protection for your Instructors. Customised options may be available. Contact Royal Life Saving in your State or Territory for more information.




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