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Swim and Survive

Swim and Survive is a national swimming and water safety program that has been educating school children since 1982. Swim and Survive Active is the program suitable for school aged children from 5 to 14 years.

Swim and Survive is a great program for schools as it provides a progressive curriculum across a number of strands and combines the learning of practical skills with the understanding and application of water safety knowledge. It can be easily implemented as the school’s swimming program and has comprehensive resources to support delivery.


Schools may choose to deliver the Swim and Survive program themselves either at their own facility or by hiring pool space and using their own qualified staff. The Swim and Survive Aquapak is a fantastic resource to guide teachers through the program and the lesson plans for each level are most useful. Certificates and logbooks can be purchased to reward students for successful achievement of a level or for recognising effort.


Schools can also participate in the Swim and Survive program through many of the Swim and Survive Partners across Australia. A Swim and Survive Partner is a preferred, quality delivery agent of the Swim and Survive program that works together with Royal Life Saving in promoting water safe communities.

Your school can be confident that Swim and Survive Partners must be approved by Royal Life Saving to conduct the Swim and Survive program and there are a number of standards that must be complied with before an agreement is accepted. These standards relate to venue safety, teacher qualification standards, program delivery, signage and policy adherence.

To find a Swim and Survive Partner in your school’s local area, simply visit our Swim School Locator.


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