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Water Safety Initiatives

Royal Life Saving Society – Australia has a range of water safety initiatives to help keep your family safe around water.

Parents and carers can help reduce the risk of child drowning, by being water aware and teaching their children valuable water safety skills from an early age.    

Keep Watch is a public education program of Royal Life Saving Society - Australia, aimed at preventing drowning deaths of children under five in all aquatic locations. The four principle strategies of the Keep Watch program are:

  • Supervise your Child
    Always be within arms’ reach. Give your child all of your attention, all of the time.
  • Restrict Access to Water
    Provide barriers to water locations.
  • Be Water Aware
    Introduce your child to water through water awareness classes; discuss hazards and put rules in place at aquatic locations.
  • Learn Resuscitation
    Resuscitation is a skill for life. A rapid response is the best response in an emergency.

To find out more about the Keep Watch program and how you can help prevent your child or children in your care from drowning, please visit  

A number of informative fact sheets on topics such as supervision, resuscitation, water awareness and farm water safety are also available from the Keep Watch website.





Of the 28 children under the age of five who drowned in Australia in 2010/11, 12 (43%) of these drowning deaths occurred in home swimming pools and the majority of these were as a result of a fall into water.

The most effective method of restricting your child’s access to water is by installing a fence with a self-closing, self-latching gate. Royal Life Saving is targeting every home pool owner and reminding them to check, fix and maintain their home pool fence all year round.

Make this weekend your Home Pool Safety weekend and help Royal Life Saving eliminate child drowning.

Download your free Home Pool Safety Checklist at

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