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Wonder Award 1 (6-12 months) 

To achieve this award you must be able to:


1. Enter and exit the water safely with carer. 

2. Experience the water on the head and body.
3. With instructor guidance and using cue words, undertake submersion preparation.
4. Display comfort when cradled on the back. 

5. Be gently rocked, turned and towed through the water.
6. Be encouraged to splash the arms and kick the legs.


1. With support, lean forward, reach for carer's shoulders and enter the water from a seated position.
2. Exit the water safely with carer. 

3. Initiate putting water on the face, head and body.
4. Demonstrate readiness for submersion.
5. Experience surface glides with carer using continuous contact.
6. With assistance, float on the back with head on the carer's shoulder.
7. With assistance, roll from one side to the other - back to front, front to back.
8. Carer to manipulate legs and arms to kick and paddle on front and back positions.

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