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Wonder Award 2 (12-24 months) 

To achieve this award you must be able to:


1. With support, safely enter the water from a seated position towards the carer. Be turned towards the edge to hold. 

2. Hand walk along the pool edge with assistance.
3. Imitate the blowing of bubbles on the surface of the water. 

4. Demonstrate readiness for submersion.
5. Experience being gently submerged by carer towards themselves.
6. With assistance, float on the back with head on the carer's chest.
7. Experience body rotation in a vertical position.
8. Move legs up and down with carer encouragement. ('kick, kick')
9. Experience reaching for objects and pulling arms through water.


1. With support, safely step into the water from a standing position towards the carer. Be turned towards the edge to hold.

2. Hand walk along the pool edge and climb out with assistance.

3. Attempt to blow bubbles below the surface of the water.

4. Experience assisted glides from instructor to carer.

5. Experience assisted glides towards poolside and hold onto edge with support.

6. With encouragement, float on front or back using a flotation mat.

7. With assistance, support self holding a flotation aid.

8. With support, move the arms and legs through the water.

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